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Knitting Enriches The Heart

March 29, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Knitting Enriches The Heart

When both hands find the rhythmic rhythm, our hearts begin to be free; every subsequent movement will continue to create beautiful positive energy! The craft of knitting is like a blessing that crosses culture and time and space, and in every stitch, we connecting with the inner soul and integrating the power of hands and hearts, and sharing love and warmth, promoting a gentle world revolution.

Crochet knitting


“Start knitting, good things will happen! “For people who love knitting and hand-made creative people, or people who want to do something but have not started. In her youth, Bessie Jill was a feminist who believed that women doing woolen, crochet, embroidery cross-stitch, and sewing were women who were self-restrained and unable to leave the family. However, after contacting with knitting, she unexpectedly discovered the wonderful power of knitting, and also retrieved the ancient wisdom of women from it.


Repeated finger movements soothe anxiety, help her grow into meditation, and find inner peace. The inner agitation is transformed into a new kinetic energy of active creation, self-healing, and serving others in the rhythm of knitting.


She believes that each stitch that she knits and works made by herself can not only relieve the pressure of daily life for herself, release pain and unexplainable emotions, but also emerge positive thoughts in the process of handwriting, and bring friends and families with more love and blessings. So she started knitting for the elderly in nursing homes, community nomads, and stray animals; she participated in worldwide knitting activities, knitting a blue river to save water resources, and knitting sweaters for Australian penguins to protest the crude oil spill.


Bessie Gill also invited other creative workers to share their hand-crafted knitting experiences and specific practices. She believes that the rise of handicrafts in recent years is a hopeful signal; in addition to finding the exit of internal motivation for ourselves, it can also encourage people to bravely walk out of their own small circle and infuse the world with positive change.

Crochet knitting 


The Popularity Of Craftivism

The term Craftivism was coined by Betsy Greer in 2003, a kind of behaviorism, a way of looking at life, expressing opinions through the creativity brought by craftsmanship, making this voice stronger and deeper. Persons engaged in such activities are called craftivist, a term that merges “craft craftsmanship” and“activist”. The areas involved in craft activists are feminism, environmentalism, anti-capitalism, anti-sweatshops, anti-war, social justice issues, etc. There are some warm gestures, such as graffiti on woolen yarns, putting some small knitwear in public places that passersby can bring back, and so on.